Reunion: May 13

Clovis High School class of 1948 met for a reunion in April. Nineteen of us enjoyed lunch at this spring get-together. There were 15 classmates and four mates. It is fun to remember the times back then and to share where we are today.

Lester and Anita Merrill had to cancel their plans to come at the last minute, and Lorraine Waggoner Murphy and Bob already had plans for that weekend. Bill also heard from Dee Hodo. He is doing well after some health problems and has his vehicle outfitted so he can drive and get around well — and does! We are happy to hear from him. Cindy passed away. We are sad to hear that.

Max Miller sent us pictures to challenge us to recognize who are in them. Some we did put names to, but other we didn't. Wanda Judah Weiland called but was not able to come this time. Jane Ann Marshall Berry was on her way to attend her granddaughter's wedding.

Vera Britt Mathwich already had travel plans. Monroe Sherman had to make a special effort to come. We were very glad to see him, his first visit to any of our reunions. I hope you enjoyed being here, Monroe.

Four of the cards sent were returned. If any of you have any information on J.W. Rose, Lila Belle Dye Monroe, Mary Baldwin Weitner or Bertha Faye Lee Patterson, let us know.

Hope you enjoy our picture. Have a great summer and see you next fall.

— Submitted by Gloria Wicker

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