Editorial: Community snapshot cool idea

Portales-area residents are revved up about getting together at 6 p.m. Thursday outside the Roosevelt County Courthouse. The purpose is to have their picture taken — a community snapshot, complete with various modes of transportation, commemorating New Mexico's centennial.

What a cool idea.

Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce Director Karl Terry said the inspiration comes from a photo of people in their cars taken on the town square around 1912. He hopes the new image will include vehicles, provided by local collectors, representing each of the past 10 decades.

We love it and can just imagine the people of 2112 looking back and smiling at our old pickups and SUVs with maybe a Model T, a Volkswagen Beetle, an Edsel and an El Camino.

Have fun, Portales.


Police officers deserve our appreciation

Last week's police-officer involved shooting outside a Clovis residence is a not-so-subtle reminder that law officers' jobs are more dangerous than most.

Many of us feel stressed at work, but only a few are seriously concerned about getting punched, stabbed or shot between filling out paperwork and inventorying supplies.

Police said Officer Kevin Littlejohn last Wednesday was responding to a call from a fellow officer when he literally collided with a man gripping a gun. Paul Villanueva had been holding a former girlfriend hostage at her home before bolting out the back door and crashing into Littlejohn in the back yard, police said.

District Attorney Matt Chandler said Littlejohn fired after Villanueva pointed a gun at the officer's head and refused to drop his weapon.

Villanueva is in critical but stable condition in a Lubbock hospital.

The incident reminds us that law officers risk their safety every time someone calls 911, often having no idea whether they're about to encounter a family disagreement, a friendly drunk or an outraged psychopath intent on violent assault.

Thank you, Kevin Littlejohn, for your willingness to take on the risks involved with helping someone in trouble. Thank you, law officers everywhere.

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