Ministry seeks to strengthen spirituality among youth

Two hundred and 12 degrees is the boiling point of water but it is also a place where young people can worship God on Wednesday nights.

Alisa Boswell: PNT staff photo

Trinity Assembly of God lead pastor Kelly Fulfer, top right, delivers a sermon Wednesday to members of the 212º youth ministry at the Trinity Assembly of God.

The youth ministry 212º meets at the Trinity Assembly of God to help youngsters 12 to 18 years old learn about Jesus Christ through fellowship, worship and Bible teaching.

"We don't tell people where to go to church," said 212º worship pastor Casey Steen, "We just create an environment for people to experience God."

Steen said his job as worship pastor is to create a culture of worshippers of God to help change the community forever. The youth ministry 212º started in August 2010 with a group of college students who wanted to spread God's word through the satellite ministry of Copper Pointe Church in Albuquerque. It started with about 16 individuals and now has a consistent attendance of 65 students. According to Steen, many children have another home church in Portales but attend 212º meetings regularly.

Haleigh Bird said her work as a 212º worship team member gives her much responsibility and allows her to help Portales youngsters strengthen their connection with God.

"I never thought I would have so many kids come up to me and ask me for advice with their love of God," Bird said.

"It's really fulfilling to have kids want to know your opinion about things."

Two-year 212º member Gowan Hays said the 212º message is always inspirational. He said he has enjoyed recruiting young people from his school, Portales High School, and has witnessed lives changed.

"I'm pretty sure we're the biggest student ministry in town," said Hays, "It changed my life."

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