Walk This Way

Robert Arrowsmith

On Saturday, I attended a luncheon with several of our troops from Cannon Air Force Base.

It turned out to be a combination luncheon and also a birthday party for several of them.

This was the first time since I have moved here that I had been able to spend an extended amount of time with members of our military from here, and one thought came to mind almost immediately.

That thought was innocence.

The innocence of these young men, all 25 or younger, was eye opening.

To think these young men, with the responsibilities and duties that they have agreed to do to serve this country, and to protect this nation and its freedoms, to protect my freedoms and liberties … I had to stop for a moment.

I do not know if they truly realize the magnitude of what they could be facing in their future. But I have to stand up and applaud them. They are willing to do it.

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