Organizers say fair successful

Successful was the word Roosevelt County Fair officials used to describe this year's county fair with incoming profits up 13 percent from last year.

Alisa Boswell: Portales News-Tribune

Roosevelt County Fair officials said sales for fair entrance were up 13 percent from last year's fair. Fair entertainment coordinator Chek Rippee said the Friday night Will Banister performance and Saturday night Motocross drew in a large crowd.

The 2012 Roosevelt County Fair ended Sunday after hosting agricultural and craft competitions and live entertainment all week since the start of the fair on Tuesday.

Although fair board treasurer David Craig said profits from fair entrance were up this year as compared to the 2011 fair, he did not know the exact head count for fair attendance.

"I think it went wonderful," Craig said. "We had Will Banister out here on Friday night and that was a big draw. We had the Delk Band here Saturday as well as the motocross and that was really successful and drew in people."

Fair entertainment coordinator Chek Rippee agreed with Craig that the night's which drew in the largest crowd were Friday and Saturday.

He said the popularity of local country singer Will Banister and the Delk Band, along with motocross popularity drew in even more than usual for weekend fair nights.

"We had really good crowds and some really good entertainment," Rippee said. "A lot of local performers and up and coming talent. It was a good fair for me and for Roosevelt County."

"I think everything went smoothly," he added. "We try to keep it to where we can find more, good local entertainment. We hope in the future to bring an even bigger act in on a Saturday night and bring in even more people from the Clovis/Portales area."

Craig said the only issue he had with the 2012 county fair was the hours of operation for the merchant's building on the fairgrounds.

He said the building opened far too late on Thursday, Pioneer Day, for senior citizens to be able to enjoy it.

Alisa Boswell: Portales News-Tribune

Roosevelt County parents lined up with their children and youth Thursday for the children's horse show, which was one of many livestock competitions at the 2012 Roosevelt County Fair.

"On Pioneer Day, the seniors come out to go to the merchant's building and we don't open it early enough, so times are going to have to change next year to accommodate them," he said. "That's really the only thing I have to complain about though."

Craig said the building opened at 3 p.m. Thursday but seniors only gained free entrance into the fair from 9 a.m. to noon.

"I don't think anything was actually more successful," Craig said of this year's fair, saying it was equally as successful as last year's but with more attendance. "I think the motocross went really well. There was a big turn out for that."

Roosevelt County extension agent Patrick Kircher also agreed that the 2012 county fair was indeed a big success.

He said he didn't feel there were any issues or areas which needed to be improved.

"I really think it went well," he said. "I think it was a really successful week. I was very satisfied with the way things turned out. With the really agreeable weather, it just made for a pleasant experience being out here."

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