What’s in your bag: Aug. 28

Caught off guard, people empty their purse or bag and explain why they carry each item they have on them. Even what they find can surprise them.

Dylan Griffith received a free drawstring backpack filled with goodies at the Roosevelt County Fair. He was excited to find what was inside.

Name: Dylan Griffith

Age: 4

Hometown: Portales

Occupation: Student

What in your bag?

  • A blue Republican Party balloon: Blue is my favorite color.
  • A fly swatter: I have to use it.
  • A ruler: I'll use it for coloring
  • An assortment of candy including lollipops and Tootsie Rolls: I like candy.
  • Two key chains: Dylan's grandmother, Kay Griffith, says she has no idea what keys he carries but he has some.

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