Roosevelt County Fair unlike any other

I feel like I've never experienced a fair like the Roosevelt County Fair this past week.

Being a city kid, I was attracted to the illuminated rides and the delicious deep fried fair food.

Features such as pie eating contests, 4-H competitions and livestock shows were somewhat mythical to me because of movies and television.

But here, that's what the fair is all about. I can ride nauseating rides at an amusement park but I wouldn't see the county's prettiest flowers or craftiest projects anywhere else but the fair.

I was an alien to locals when I first got there. I'm pretty sure my questions during my coverage of certain events had people laughing at my ignorance but they were kind-hearted enough to help me out.

I covered the goat show and all I kept talking about was how cute the children and the goats were. Thankfully I was not a judge, because everyone would have won for being adorable.

I got to see what the heart and soul of this county looks like. So many people put in the time and effort to create crafts and baked goods.

I spoke with 4-H youth who vowed to be back to win titles at next year's competitions and that inspired me.

So I'll miss the fair because I experienced it for the first time, but my stomach will thank it for leaving.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc., and humor in her spare time. Write her at

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