Officer cleared in fatal shooting

State police officer Bryan Conner told investigators he heard two clicks that sounded like Benjamin Selgado had pulled the trigger of a loaded .38 caliber handgun pointed at him before the officer fired his weapon, shooting and killing Selgado on Aug. 19 near a motel on Mabry Drive.

Courtesy photo

This surveillance video footage from La Vista Inn the District Attorney's office released shows Benjamin Selgado, left, aiming a handgun at State Police Officer Bryan Conner before the officer shot him three times in the chest, killing him. An investigation determined that Conner shot and killed Selgado with justification, according to the DA's office on Friday.

Selgado was hit in the chest by all three bullets Conner fired and died at the scene.

Details of the deadly shooting were released late Friday by District Attorney Matt Chandler, who said in a press release that his investigation determined Conner shot and killed Selgado with justification.

Chandler said the fatal encounter began when Conner attempted to pull over Selgado for speeding in excess of 60 mph on a 35 mph street in Clovis. Selgado tossed what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage out of his car during a high-speed chase that followed, Chandler said.

Footage provided by the district attorney's office show a timeline of the Aug. 19 shooting of Benjamin Selgado by officer Bryan Conner.

The car chase ended near the La Vista Inn with Selgado leaping from the car while it was still in gear, according to Chandler.

Highlights of Chandler's investigation:

  • Conner began chasing Selgado on foot and Selgado climbed over a wooden fence near the motel.
  • A witness staying at the motel told investigators he saw Selgado clear the fence and heard him shout "I will shoot you, mother (expletive)."
  • The witness said he saw Selgado come from behind a brick wall and point a handgun at Conner.
  • Conner told investigators he "observed Mr. Selgado point a handgun at him and heard two 'clicks' as if Mr. Selgado was pulling the trigger…in an attempt to shoot him."
  • Conner believed he was going to be shot and fired his service weapon.

Chandler said Selgado's .38 caliber revolver had two live rounds and two spent or previously fired bullet casings.

"The two (2) primers on the spent casings had been struck twice by the gun's hammer, indicating that the spent casings had been cycled through the gun on at least two occasions," Chandler said.

Chandler also said Selgado was wanted for failing to appear in court to face assorted felony charges, including drug trafficking and possession of a firearm by a felon.

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