Their view: No need to close Curry Road R

I attended the Aug. 21 meeting at which Curry County commissioners voted to close Curry Road R just west of Cannon Air Force Base.

Among the reasons cited for closing the road were security and safety.

Since the existence of Cannon Air Force Base, formerly known as Clovis Army Air Field, how many accidents on Curry Road R have occurred involving Cannon Air Force Base? Not many. How many intrusions onto Cannon Air Force Base from Curry Road R have occurred? Not many.

If one were to travel completely around CAFB, they probably would find the west side of CAFB is the most secure.

How will closing Curry Road R make CAFB any more secure or safe?

Will CAFB keep asking to expand west? How much more encroachment of private land will we allow?

It is easy for those who do not live or use Curry Road R on a daily basis to ask for the closing of this road. But Curry Road R is vital for many local farmers and business owners.

It was stated in the meeting that an estimated 400 or more vehicles travel this road on a daily basis.

What will happen to the landowners on Curry Road R should an emergency arise? They will be closed in should a train be stopped on the crossing.

Weren't our county commissioners elected to represent the voters? This does not appear to be the case.

Dan Stoddard, Wendell Bostwick, Caleb Chandler and Robert Sandoval voted to close Curry Road R. Only one commissioner represented his constituents by voting no.

Thank you, Frank Blackburn.

Mary Tate


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