My Turn – Certain pastimes capture memories

I've openly admitted to all of Portales that I am a superhero comic book nerd and an old movies junky. It gets worse. I'm also a sci-fi and fantasy fan.

All those shows the rest of you never gave the time of day because they were too cheesy to pay much mind, such as "Star Trek" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," yes, you guessed it; I'm a fan.

Certain pastimes mean more to someone than just being entertainment. They recapture a part of your youth or a special memory that makes you smile when you need it the most. Having been raised on "Star Trek" and "Buffy," I've realized that these shows not only offer me entertainment and make me laugh, but they also comfort me when I miss my family the most.

My second confession, which I'm sure will earn me gasps of horror, is that I have never attended an Eastern New Mexico University football game. One circumstance or another has always interfered, but I hope to remedy this sad fact this weekend by attending our homecoming game. Don't forget to check out other homecoming events, such as the carnival on Friday and parade on Saturday.

Alisa Boswell is a graduate of Eastern New Mexico University and writes for the Portales News-Tribune. Contact her at or 356-4481 or on Facebook at PortalesNews-Alisa Boswell.

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