Republicans to blame for the economic issues

Let's look at talking points vs. facts:

Deficit — The deficit is composed primarily of tax cuts for the rich, two wars paid for by borrowing, a recession brought on by deregulation of the financial industry and non-enforcement of remaining regulations. The consensus of opinion of non-partisan experts is that longterm the deficit has to be addressed by tax increases and spending cuts.

Despite the evidence, conservatives want the tax cuts to be made permanent and advocate further relaxing of regulations. The Congressional Budget Office said their plan would increase the deficit.

Economy — The conservative solution to stimulate the economy is more tax cuts, deregulate and cut spending. They say the reasons for the recession is uncertainty and the deficit. Corporations and the rich are sitting on piles of money and do not need a tax cut. Deregulations are what got us where we are.

The European countries have proved that austerity programs deepen a recession. The conclusion of economists is the recession is ongoing because of lack of demand; uncertainty has nothing to do with it. Republicans ignore facts and stick with ideology.

Health care — Romney and Ryan say they will end Obamacare and replace it. With what? Their "plan" cannot be evaluated. They have distorted the Health Care Act with lies and half truths for one reason only — to protect the interests of the insurance, pharmaceutical and some elements of the health industry.

The Republicans have opposed everything the administration has tried to do. The economy is where they want it. They have worked to make Obama a one-term president even at the expense of the country.

Ideology or the overall good for the country — you decide.

Leon Logan


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