More than 8,000 pounds of donated in ‘Stuff Nancy’s Truck’ campaign

After 10 days of 'Nancy's Truck' driving through Clovis and Portales collecting nonperishable goods, the campaign was declared a success by the organization.

On Tuesday, the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico held a celebration to announce its amount of donations received: More than 8,000 pounds of non-perishable items $557 in cash donations..

The nonprofit Food Bank serves residents across the region, assisting close to 200 agencies and schools and distributing more than 83,000 pounds of food monthly, according to Clovis News Journal archives.

Traci Tuttle: CMI Photo

The Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico on Tuesday dedicated 'Nancy's Truck' to the late Nancy Taylor, who served as the director of the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico for 29 years. After the "Stuff Nancy's Truck" campaign was complete, it was announced that they had more than 8,000 pounds of food donated.

"Its been a huge success, I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of the community we serve," said MelindaJoy Pattison, Interim Executive Director of the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico.

Individuals and businesses involved in the campaign gathered at the celebration for the ribbon-cutting to dedicate Nancy's Truck to Nancy Taylor, 70, longtime executive director of the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico, who died Aug. 2.

Mayor of Clovis David Lansford read a proclamation making Tuesday "Eastern Food Bank of New Mexico Day."

"For 30 years, the Food Bank has been an enormous part of the community and has met the needs of families with no other place to go. It has prevented adults and children alike, from going to bed hungry," Lansford said. "Unfortunately, Nancy isn't here to enjoy it, but her heart and hands are all over it."

Lansford said he was grateful for the involvement in the community. "Because of volunteers and contributors donating goods and money, needs are met in an efficient way."

The food bank also thanked individuals and businesses with plaques for their involvement

Individuals and businesses who received plaques for the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico for their involvement include:

Cummins Natural Gas Engines

Southwest Cheese

Hamilton Big Country Ford

George Hughes

Kathryn Schaeffer

Fraternal Order of the Eagles

Dr. James Moss

Curry County Abstract

Caldwell Banker

Citizens Bank of Clovis

Bank of Clovis

Plateau Wireless

Colonial Real Estate

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