Q&A: Portales firefighter looks forward to embarrassing Clovis in basketball

Members of the Portales and Clovis fire departments are gearing up to face off in a competitive basketball game Sunday in Portales to raise money for local broadcasters' Rooney and Moon's Secret Santa program.

The fire departments have intentions to raise as much money to bring Christmas to area families in need. A cake auction, featuring cakes baked and donated by community members, will also be held during halftime to raise money for the program.

Floyd Hancock

Portales firefighter

Portales firefighter Floyd Hancock said he's ready to embarrass the Clovis Fire Department for a good cause.

A professed basketball lover, Hancock is also excited to bring Christmas to those who don't have the resources to provide it for themselves.

What's your strategy to defeat the Clovis Fire Department players?

If it holds up, the strategy is to fast break and press, but we'll see.

Why do you guys tend to get so competitive?

Both departments have a lot of athletes working in them. We just have that competitive edge, plus this game will put brother against brother as one of our employees who helped organize this game has two brothers that work for the Clovis Fire Department. Nobody likes to lose.

What are your favorite basketball teams?

The Duke Blue Devils and the Miami Heat.

Where are you most strongest on the court?

Under the basket. I work better in the paint.

Who's your favorite basketball player of all time?

Larry Bird. He was the best three-point shooter that ever came through the game.

As far as the cake auction goes, what's your favorite kind of cake that you hope will be brought?

Red velvet cake. Do you really need a reason why? It's pure awesomeness.

What's your favorite thing to do during the Christmas season?

Eat. I love to eat. I also like sitting around with the family and watching Christmas shows.

What are your predictions for Sunday's game?

Portales is going to score 72 points and Clovis is going to score 52.

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