Editorial: Empty pockets help fill stockings

This Christmas season of giving is exemplified by God's gift to mankind, his son Jesus. Like many readers, we too enjoy learning of many worthy opportunities around the region for you to emulate His generosity.

One such opportunity we ask you to consider donating money to is the Empty Stocking Fund. The Salvation Army conducts this campaign between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year, in partnership with the Portales News-Tribune and the Clovis News Journal.

This annual endeavor provides gifts, including toys and clothes, to some 350 needy children, families and senior citizens of Curry and Roosevelt counties.

Without our help, they could go wanting.

The fund drive, started by former CNJ Publisher Bill Salter in November 1989, has a new goal this year, as it does every year: Collect at least one penny more than the year before.

In 2011, dozens of small and large donations from generous individuals and organizations brought in $11,113 and 92 cents. That was a new Empty Stocking Fund total.

The 2012 goal, then, is to collect at least $11,113 and 93 cents.

We're delighted to report that with 18 days left until Christmas, the goal is near at hand already. Thanks to a dozen generous souls, the Salvation Army reports the Fund as of Friday was at $8,260. And it has a matching pledge for another $1,000 that will be collected.

The new record, then, is a mere $1,853.93, or about $103 a day, away from being achieved.

Help us achieve that amount quickly but then zoom right past it by several thousand more pennies.

Bring your donation to either paper or the Salvation Army and say your penny or nickel, or dime or quarter or dollar or ten spot, or a check for even more, is for the Empty Stocking Fund. Your generosity, no matter the amount, will help us create a more bountiful Christmas.

Unsigned editorials are the opinion of the Clovis Media Inc. editorial board, which includes Publisher Ray Sullivan and Editor David Stevens.

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