Letter to the editor: Massacre shows nation lost connection with Creator

U.S. "massacre events" since 1966 total 36 and nearly 350 murders — a profile of a nation that has lost its soul and its connection with its Creator!

This is reflected not only in these demonic acts of carnage, but also in our media and leaders who ask the endless string of empty "Whys."

"Political correctness" doesn't allow an answer based in the truth.

The "massacres" are a horrific summation, but should this shock a nation indifferent to 1,000 unborn souls aborted every day and nearly 50 million since 1973?

Today, human life is valued in the mind of the beholder (Proverbs 21:2). If a woman wants her pregnancy, she refers to her unborn "baby;" others refer to her "baby bump."

If the pregnancy is unwanted, then it's just a fetus that can be legally terminated even through the process of "partial-birth abortion" — a cruel, horrific "termination."

So many young people are growing up angry, undisciplined and hurting in a wayward culture, recognizing no authority outside themselves. Deeply hurting, without God and the true Gospel of Christ Jesus' love in their lives to comfort and guide them, they give up. In a final screaming statement, they lash out to cause as much pain and hurt all around them.

We may label it insanity, but it is an unchecked conscience cut off from its Creator producing amorality inclined only to evil and violence (Genesis 6 and Matthew 24:12).

The lives of those 20 dear children and six adults in Connecticut meant nothing to the murderer other than a target to pass on deep anger and conflict.

Sensationalistic news coverage of such "events" will only encourage an increase in more atrocities yet to come.

Something to ponder as we wish each other a "Happy new year!"

Scott R. Blazek


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