Lighthouse Mission stages Kids Auction

A walk through a west Clovis neighborhood on Saturday turned into an early visit from Santa Claus for Billy Jo Facio and her children.

While walking, Facio discovered the Kids Auction at the Lighthouse Mission, an event that placed more than 200 toys in the hands of 72 children. Children from Portales and Clovis benefited. No money was involved.

"I've never seen a kid's auction before and it's pretty cool," Facio said.

Benna Sayyed: CMI staff photo

Amber Facio, middle, picks up a collection of at least 15 teddy bear figurines she purchased during the Kids Auction Saturday at the Lighthouse Mission in Clovis. Bobby Rosales, right, puts toys up for bid.

"My kids have never been in anything like this. It's really bringing a smile to their faces."

Bobby Rosales, owner of Rocking R Auctions, held his first kid's auction Saturday because he wanted to provide Christmas presents to children across eastern New Mexico who might not otherwise receive a gift.

The auction provided children toys such as action figures, remote control cars, Barbies, puzzles, bicycles and stuffed animals.

Large items such as bicycles were auctioned by themselves. Small items such as stuffed animals and toy blocks were auctioned in groups.

Amber Facio, 10, daughter of Billy Jo Facio, purchased a collection of at least 15 bear figurines for $120. Amber said she enjoyed the auction because she received early Christmas presents.

"I liked getting toys and it (auction) was fun," said Amber, while keeping her ears and eyes alert for the next item up for bid.

Fake paper money was used in place of genuine currency. Each child was given $310 on their bidder card.

Most toys were donated from residents in various counties in eastern New Mexico and also Amarillo. Some items were purchased by Rosales or a friend or associate of Rosales.

Rosales, wearing a black cowboy hat, quickly called out the prices of auction items over the microphone and children and their parents raised their bidder card for a chance to win.

Rosales' rapid auctioneer chatter was coupled by the voices of excited children who ate doughnuts while paying attention to the items at bid.

Rosales briefly described each item before putting it up for bid and joked about the prices being "extremely high." Rosales said the children's auction allowed him to have more fun than a regular auction.

"Some auctions can get a little serious when people are spending their hard earned money on high dollar items, said Rosales, "but this auction was just letting loose and having fun."

"Watching 72 kids smile and joke was nice."

The auction closed with a drawing for a new Android tablet.

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