My Turn – Resolve must be strong in 2013

This year I am determined to keep all 10 New Year's resolutions.

Last year I only kept three: Not bad for a batting average, but not stellar when the ones kept were exercising five more minutes per week, saving $5 more per month and eating five fewer vegan meals per year.

My problem was setting my sights too high. For example, I made such impossible resolutions as not mixing whites and colors on hot, remembering to return people's calls, and becoming a better person.

This year all 10 are more realistic.

I resolve to:

  • Not start smoking — anything new.
  • Not drink in bars except at happy hour — unless someone else is buying.
  • Not pick up checks for meals — unless dining alone.
  • Turn off my phone at movies — unless expecting a call.
  • Exercise more — except on non-Saturdays.
  • Eat healthier — except when at home, work or traveling on business or vacation.
  • Take self-improvement classes — unless they cost money or interfere with something I'd rather be doing.
  • Read more and watch less TV — between 3-6 a.m. (if awake).
  • Not throw a fit in sports — unless I've missed a short putt or lay-up, hit a ball into the net, or a teammate screws up.
  • Convince people that I have become a better person — by not admitting to anything illegal or saying what I really think (except on Facebook).

Hopefully, your resolve will equal mine. If not, take inspiration from me and lower your sights.

Happy 2013!

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