My Turn – Some hopes are attainable

Here we go. The clean page. The fresh start. Oh sure, we get that chance each and every day, but we all know that there's something special about a new calendar year.

We're going to clean out those closets, eat healthier food, get on that treadmill, be more generous. I hope we all succeed.

More importantly, I hope we love the children in our lives, having good conversations with them so they know how much they mean to us. I hope we make the time to listen to them and find out what they're thinking about.

I hope we take the time to have coffee with our friends, and schedule time for nice long walks. I hope we do things to make the earth a bit more beautiful … plant another rose bush, gather up the garbage.

I hope we get rid of prejudice and resentment, and turn loose of old grudges.

It all sounds like the sweet answer to a beauty pageant question. We collectively smile while we hope for world peace. As long as I'm hoping, I'll add that to the list. It's unrealistic, but the other hopes aren't. They're very attainable, and I truly wish them upon each and every one of us. Happy New Year!

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