Letter to editor: Volunteers sought for Fort Sumner Army Air Field Museum

Volunteers sought

for Fort Sumner Army

Air Field Museum

An exploratory committee is needed for Fort Sumner Army Air Field Museum.

That was the consensus among the 30 people who attended my presentation on that air field's history, my on-going research, and my vision of a World War II museum to commemorate Fort Sumner Army Air Field (FSAAF).

Following the presentation, many persons had questions and comments.

Dan Craig, manager of the Valero Fast Stop No. 20, stated that he wanted to be a member of the exploratory committee and wanted to ensure that this project moved forward so that FSAAF Museum would someday be a reality.

Ideas were then discussed about our next steps to see that this does happen. We agreed volunteers should be taken for an exploratory committee. This committee would find a suitable location for the museum, define a scope and mission statement for the museum, and determine sources of funding.

The committee would then submit a report on FSAAF Museum to Fort Sumner Mayor Windell Bridges and the city council for their review and ask them to consider moving forward with a museum project.

Fort Sumner City Councilman Joe Lovato said his brother has two former barracks from FSAAF on his land. Lovato would like to see those barracks moved to the site of the new WWII museum and refurbished.

Bill West asked me if any sailplanes or gliders could be obtained for the museum and I replied that I would check with the National WWII Glider Pilots Association on that.

My next step is to ask persons interested in being a member of the exploratory committee to contact me at 806-793-4448 or email:


I will also approach several persons in Fort Sumner to ask them to be on the committee.

John W. McCullough


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