Their view: Capital outlay necessary tool for improvements

State Reps. Anna Crook, R-Clovis, Bob Wooley, R-Roswell and Dennis Roch, R-Texico, have announced some of the capital outlay projects receiving funding in Roosevelt County:

Here's a snippet from their press release:

It is time once again for the state Legislature to make decisions on providing capital outlay funding for projects to improve our communities.

Each year, the Legislature returns taxpayer investments to local communities for the enhancement of educational, state and community facilities and equipment.

This funding is essential to building new facilities, as well as for maintaining and improving existing ones. We are looking forward to the taxpayer funds that will be returned back to Roosevelt County, and we are grateful to the hard working New Mexico men and women whose tax dollars make these projects possible.

As a result of this hard work, communities across the state are able to improve schools for the education of New Mexico children, upgrade senior citizen facilities, and renovate or build buildings that serve the people of our great state.

Each of these projects that utilizes capital outlay funding is a result of the contribution of all New Mexico taxpayers, and we extend our gratitude for their work.

Additionally, we are grateful to the oil and gas industry, as they provide a significant portion of the funding used in these improvements.

According to the New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee, the oil and gas industry contributed approximately $1.7 billion in the last year alone to our state's general fund and $153.7 million to local governments.

Here are some of the projects receiving funding in Roosevelt County:

  • Renovations of the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building at Eastern New Mexico University;
  • Meals equipment for the Portales Senior Center Community Services Center;
  • Vehicles for the Portales Senior Center Community Service Center;
  • Renovation of the Dora School Multipurpose Building plumbing system;
  • Sanitation truck for Elida and Floyd;
  • Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority pump station;
  • ENMU KENW-TV equipment;
  • Portales water distribution system;
  • Roosevelt General Hospital gas pipelines;
  • Repairs to North Roosevelt Road A.

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