Burglary victims sought after

The Roosevelt County Sheriff is asking for help from burglary victims in identifying stolen items discovered Wednesday in a home on Portales' east side.

Chief Deputy Malin Parker said the home on South Roosevelt Road 6 is filled with hundreds of stolen items from a string of burglaries. Parker said some of the burglaries date back to 2012.

"We're trying to locate victims of every burglary" Parker said.

Two people have been arrested in connection to the burglaries. Parker declined to release their names because the burglaries are still under investigation. He added he anticipates more arrests.

The sheriff received a call about a break-in Wednesday when one of the occupants of the home said the suspects tried to force the door, according to Parker.

Parker said the occupant of the home gave a description of a car that drove away and they traced their car back to the home on South Roosevelt Road 6.

Christina Calloway: Portales News-Tribune

The Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office said this barn behind a home on South Roosevelt Road 6 was filled with stolen items including clothes, furniture and weapons.

"We executed numerous search warrants on the home and the property," Parker said. "A multitude of items were located. At that point we started calling victims to come identify their items."

The home, a barn and a 10-by-30-foot storage box on the property were filled with stolen items.

Parker said the burglaries took place in Portales, Roosevelt County and Bailey and Cochran counties of Texas. He added the Portales Police Department and law enforcement agencies in both Texas counties are assisting them with the investigation.

He said they have been able to identify more than 20 burglaries and more than 100 people have visited the home to identify items.

"We've had everything from silverware to clothes stolen," Parker said. "Everything you can think of from a saw to a spoon."

Parker said anyone who believes their items might be in the home should contact the sheriff's office at 356-4408 and make an appointment to come identify their stolen goods.

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