Portales students celebrate U.S. Law Day

Ninth Judicial District Judge Drew Tatum enlisted the help of children from Brown Early Childhood Center and James Elementary to redecorate his courthouse.

Hundreds of Portales students recognized U.S. Law Day in Portales on Wednesday by sending their Law Day-themed colored pictures to Tatum. The pictures lined the hallway that leads to Tatum's chambers.

According to Lawday.org, President Dwight Eisenhower established the first Law Day on May 1 in 1958 to mark the nation's commitment to the rule of law.

Christina Calloway: Portales News-Tribune

The Law Day pictures of students from Brown Early Childhood Center and James Elementary line the walls of the hallway that lead to Ninth Judicial District Court Judge Drew Tatum's chambers. Tatum said he received 355 pictures.

"It's essentially recognizing the protection of our values through the Constitution," said Tatum about Law Day. "It's a living, breathing document."

Tatum said his secretary's son drew the outline for the Law Day picture for students to color. Tatum said he was floored by the 355 pictures he received in return.

He says their participation helps bring awareness to the role of law in the foundation of the country.

A few students from James and Brown schools were asked questions related to Law Day and its importance:

Second grade students from James Elementary

  • Olivia Gonzales of Portales was asked what law would she create to be included in the Constitution.

Her answer: I'd create a law where there's no bullying or saying bad words. There would be no hitting each other and no littering.

  • Aurora Wampler of Portales was asked why the Constitution is important to America.

Her answer: Because you have to follow the rules and if you don't, you go right in the smacker; that means jail.

  • Justin Yan of Portales was asked what law is most important to follow.

His answer: Don't drink beer when you're in a car.

  • Hayden Barlow of Portales was asked why are laws important.

His answer: You don't want to get hurt. Cops and teachers can help our town. We can't be bullies because they don't follow the rules. We need to listen to our teachers and parents, that's why we need laws.

  • Cody Lane Webster of Portales was asked what he liked best about living in America.

His answer: Because it's the land of freedom.

Brown Elementary students

  • Emily Brown of Portales was asked why Law Day is important.

Her answer: Because you talk about the law. The laws help you know the rules of America.

  • Landon Stewart of Portales was asked what he liked best about living in America.

His answer: That we can hunt a lot. I hunt with my dad. This year we'll be hunting elk.

  • Aina Royal of Japan, who moved to Portales because she belongs to a military family, was asked what new law would she create for the students of Brown to follow.

Her answer: No fingers in your mouth because it's nasty.

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