Girl Scouts target bullying, pollution

Girl Scout Troop 609 is starting a campaign to put a stop to pollution and bullying in Portales.

The troop of Brownies (girls in their third year of Girl Scouts) came up with the idea to post signs throughout First and Second Street and run a radio campaign on Mix 107.5 by themselves.

"They come up with all of the ideas and we just follow their lead," said Christina Wampler, the co-leader of troop 609.

Jillian Holbert: Portales News-Tribune

Matty Calhoun makes an anti-bullying poster at a Girl Scouts meeting.

According to Wampler, the troop looked at different problems that affected the community and the girls picked bullying because it was a topic covered in school.

At the troop meeting Thursday, the girl scouts made their posters to inform the community about bullying and pollution. Matty Calhoun, a brownie scout, had made outlines of her poster about bullying prior to making it at the meeting.

"At school, my teacher made posters with kids to stop bullying at school and they would put up signs that said stop bullying," said Calhoun.

Aliyah Miranda made her poster about pollution, which featured a bird with a plastic soda rings around its neck. Miranda, who considers herself an artist, was glad at the opportunity to show off her skills.

Jillian Holbert: Portales News-Tribune

Aurora Wampler explains why littering is bad for the environment and hurts animals.

"I'm an artist so it was kind of easy for me because I stick up for people at my school that are bullied and I just want to make the world a better place," said Miranda.

Aurora Wampler made her poster about a man at a zoo who throws away a piece of trash while a giraffe stands in the background. Wampler hopes the campaign will make the world a better place.

"If you don't litter, giraffes will live, but if you litter giraffes will die and they'll be extinct and then zebras and then lions and all animals will be extinct," said Wampler.

Jillian Holbert: Portales News-Tribune

Aliyah Miranda makes a poster to bring awareness about pollution. Miranda is part of Girl Scout Troop 609, which is starting a campaign against bullying and pollution.

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