My Turn – What shall I say about hitting 50?

I remember the biggest deal about turning 10 was the whole idea of hitting double digits. I've always loved numbers, and this just seemed like a tremendous milestone.

Turning 20 was truly remarkable. I had been wed for one solid week, and being the married woman that I was, I couldn't wait to declare that I was no longer a teenager.

Since my husband has always kept his boyish good looks, even as we approached the next chapter in our lives, we were forever accused of still being students, or surely being newlyweds. Announcing that I was 30 was grand entertainment, and I think that birthday may have been the most fun of all.

Reaching 40 gave me an epiphany. I had always loved the passage in the Bible about the older women teaching the younger women, and it dawned upon me that I had achieved this status. It certainly felt like an honor.

Well, well, well … what shall I say about hitting 50? I'm loving the thought that I've been roaming the planet for half a century. Naps are certainly sounding better than ever before in my life, but I'm charging into this decade with gusto!

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