Breaking news: Portales escapee back in custody

By Christina Calloway

Senior Writer

Roosevelt County officials this morning are confirming last week’s jail escapee has been recaptured.

Deputy Sheriff Malin Parker said Ruben Lozano, 42, was arrested without incident at 7:25 a.m. (MDT) Friday in Midland, Texas.

Lozano escaped last Friday night with another inmate who was recaptured an hour later.

Parker said Lozano was staying at an apartment complex in Midland with family. He said Lozano suffered “substantial injuries” related to his escape and is receiving medical attention in Midland.

Officials said Lozano and Stephen Phillips escaped through an air conditioning vent in a cell, gained access to the roof and jumped off.

Phillips suffered a broken leg in the fall and was found at a nearby home.

Parker said Lozano’s injuries were also related to jumping off the roof.

“We’ve been tracking him for the last week, following every lead … consuming information we’ve been receiving,” Parker said.

Parker said Roosevelt County officials learned of Lozano’s location “through interrogation and interviews with family and people that he knew here.” He said Midland law officers assisted with Lozano’s arrest.

Charges are expected to be filed against those who helped Lozano elude authorities, Parker said.

Officials do not know how Lozano got to Midland. Because of the medical treatment, Parker said he is not sure when Lozano will be returned to Portales.


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