My Turn: Independence, teamwork vital

This week we will pull out the ice cream freezers. We will make potato salads, and we will fire up the grills. This week we will make sure the lawns are mowed, and the patio furniture is dust free.

It’s time to celebrate. It’s one of our holidays where we all come together to enjoy being one. We’ll cheer as we watch the fireworks together. We’ll all pitch in with the snacks and the drinks. We’ll wear red, white and blue.

Independence Day. My, yes! We are an independent lot, aren’t we? But on this day to celebrate America’s independence, we can pat ourselves on the back for working so hard collectively. We pull together to educate our children, to have roads free of pot holes, to have safe and peaceful neighborhoods, parks where we can go to play, firemen and policemen to protect us.

We may have done some things wrong as a nation, but we have really done some magnificent things right. I wish those signers of the Declaration of Independence could time travel to Portales this week. I’d like to have them join me at my cook out. I think they’d really like our community.

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