Ute Lake water project absolutely essential

I attended the July 9 town hall meeting for the Ute Lake water project.

I want to thank Gayla Brumfield and Sharon King for persevering. I understand and appreciate all that they have done and their motivation. It has to be disheartening, after all their efforts, to endure the hostility, naysayers and fault-finders they faced that night.

History will treat these ladies a lot kinder in a few years.

So many people are missing the point.

That pipeline is absolutely vital, but it is only one link in a chain that has not even started in most states. We need more women with the audacity to jump on desktops in Washington.

Even if Congress suddenly understood “we” have a problem, it would take years to even begin a nationwide project.

An interim pipeline will take eight years to reach Portales. We will be far beyond “dire” at that point. Additionally, water will have to come from other sources/states. We will have a system in place, thanks to people like Brumfield and King.

The other states will follow their lead. All we can do is wait for them to catch up, and pray it is not too late.


Mike Hess


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