My Turn: No reason for boredom

You want to know what bores me to tears? People who say they’re bored. Okay, that’s really not true. They don’t so much bore me, as they just bring up a little boiling in my bloodstream.

I could begin the obvious list of things to do. Read a book. Bake a batch of cookies. Plant some flowers. Clean out a closet. Try to draw a cup and saucer. Someone stop me. I could bore us all out of our minds with the list!

The problem is deeper than just finding something to do. We end up with disaster at our doorstep when our society believes every day should be filled with bells and whistles and rollercoaster rides and exciting events, one after the other. That makes us a group of needy takers.

I love my little book of quotations, and this one from Jules Renard really got my attention. “I am never bored anywhere; being bored is an insult to oneself.”

It’s not about finding something to do. It’s a mindset. You can sit around wishing someone would do something to liven up your day, or get busy doing something to brighten your corner of the world. Do anything. Just don’t tell me you’re bored.

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