My Turn: Driving others crazy with song

“You Oughta Be in Musicals Christina Calloway!” That would be the title of my own Bizarro Charlie Brown special.

I was watching an episode of a cartoon from my childhood called “Pepper Ann,” where the title character wanted to shake up her routine so she auditioned for a school musical about detention, a place she knows all too well.

She fell off stage during the audition and had a dream which involved everyone singing, driving her nuts.

Well you can ask anyone in my office, family or my group of friends if I’m always singing. If you ask me a question that deserves a response with a line from a song, you bet your dollar I’m singing it back to you.

But instead of going crazy, unlike Pepper Ann’s dream, I feel I can drive others crazy with my singing.

But it actually helps me stay sane. Music has brought so much joy to my life, that singing is what I do to celebrate and to cope with hard times.

If my life was a musical it would incorporate happiness, sadness, tons of comedy (mostly coming from my own embarrassment) and even action like when I swerve from the flying tumbleweeds.

I mean, can you imagine me singing my questions for an interview? That would be awesome right? So if I’m a’singing at your door, congratulations, you’ve been cast in my show.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc., and humor in her spare time.

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