My Turn: Classic is great for children

Due to needing something to “zone out” to that didn’t require much thought, I recently watched an old Disney version of “Wind in the Willows” on Netflix.

It got me reminiscing about begging my mother to read the book to me over and over again when I was a child. I couldn’t get enough of Mr. Toad’s insanity for adventure and his thirst for excitement and Mr. Badger’s continuous stern voice of reason, never failing to lecture him at every turn.

I was a great lover of animals growing up, so any story where animals were the protagonists, I was on board. As I said in a previous column, my other favorite childhood book was about a squirrel.

Although the “Wind in the Willows” is a novel rather than your standard short children’s book, I think it is still a wonderful book to experience as a child. Even if you can’t understand the underlying connotations and metaphors at the time, you will appreciate not only the excitement but the devotion of friends.

You may not be able to keep your kids’ attention on it, but it never hurts to try good, old fashioned adventure stories on your children by the time they reach 9 or 10 years old.

Alisa Boswell loves movies and literature and writes for the Portales News-Tribune. Contact her at or 356-4481 or on Facebook at Cmi staff-Alisa Boswell.

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