My Turn: Fitness goals are invigorating

Day 1 — This day has been put on hold repeatedly … but it finally arrived. I had to get through the hectic days of June. I had to wait until after the vacation in July. Then there was that head cold after we got back home. When you’re not in shape, there’s always some excuse to put “Day 1” off. But today I got on that treadmill and did a beginner’s incline routine. I shall get prepared for the big hike this fall! It was harder than I expected, but I didn’t lose my lunch (although the option was looming). There was moaning and groaning, but I sure felt good about it.Sandy Fields

Day 2 — I did not moan, I did not groan. There was a very feeble and exhausted “Oh… whoa!” when I momentarily closed my eyes to recuperate from the 15 percent grade and almost fell off the back of the machine.

The next few says — Improvement. Loved the realization that I was actually disappointed my weekend plans would keep me from inching closer to the goal on that treadmill.

For all the pain, it’s truly invigorating to have a fitness goal. How’s yours coming along?

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