ENMU to begin Dawg Days of summer

By Kevin Baird

CMI staff writer


The Dawg Days of summer begin Saturday for Eastern New Mexico University freshman.

According to the ENMU website, the Dawg Days orientation program helps students prepare for college life in and outside the classroom.

“My Dawg Days experience really helped me shine and learn and grow, and make new friends. It opened new horizons.” said Dawg Days Co-director Timothy McCoy. “It’s a really good event for students to get aquatinted with campus, local businesses and the community.”

First day of classes at ENMU start Tuesday.

Dawg Days Co-director Rosa Harper said there will be more prizes given out this year than last year, and all the Dawg Days students will get a “swag bag,” or a bag filled with items such as sunglasses, dog tags and Greyhound gear.

McCoy said the Portales and Clovis communities are invited to attend two events Saturday evening, the community fair and barbecue at 5 p.m. and the pep rally at 6 p.m.

At the community fair, student organizations, local businesses, academic departments and student services will showcase what they have to offer to students, while giving students an opportunity to mingle with the community, according to McCoy.

At the pep rally, McCoy said students and the community will be introduced to Vic and Tory, adopted greyhounds who are mascots for the college. The athletic mascots, marching band, cheer squad and dance team will also be introduced. McCoy said line dancing will also be taught and their will competitions between students and parents for prizes.

McCoy said there will be a surprise for the incoming ENMU students.


A complete Dawg Days schedule can be seen at http://www.enmu.edu/currentstudents/events/dawgdays/schedule.shtml

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