Meetings Watch: Eastern Plains Council of Governments — Aug. 15

The Eastern Plains Council of Governments discussed Wednesday at its board meeting details of its contract with Santa Rosa to provide an interim city manager, which is contingent upon the ratification of a contract between the two entities during the Santa Rosa city council on Aug. 20.

Raymond Mondragon, who is the economic development and community relations planner at EPCOG and has experience as a city manager and police chief, has been chosen to fill the role.

According to the contract, which was reviewed during the board meeting, Santa Rosa will pay EPCOG $5,000 per month for the duration of the contract. The contract will also require to be in Santa Rosa at least three days per week. The contract also requires the EPCOG city manager to attend meetings, conferences, city management meetings, or any meetings that are deemed necessary by Mayor Albert Camps. Santa Rosa will also pay for all travel expenses related to meeting or conferences outside Santa Rosa that he is requested to attend.

  • The EPCOG board also approved an amendment to its Open Meetings Resolution that will allow board members to participate in board meetings via conference call when it is difficult or impossible for a board member to attend.

— Compiled by CMI staff writer Kevin Baird

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