Q&A: Representing the county

By Eric Norwood Jr.

PNT staff writer

Roosevelt County Fair Queen Krista Avritt is a senior at Elida High School. She said she loves fair food, especially sweets, can throw a spiral with a football, hopes to earn a college degree in agribusiness, and would improve parking in Portales if she had a chance.

2013 Roosevelt County Fair Queen Krista Avritt.

2013 Roosevelt County Fair Queen Krista Avritt.


What are the responsibilities of the fair queen?

The responsibilities are to attend the fair and hand out ribbons at the livestock shows during the county fair. The queen also goes on to compete at the state fair representing Roosevelt County.

If you could be Queen of Roosevelt County for a day, what would be the first law you would enact?

The first law I would enact is that there be better parking.

What is your favorite part of the fair?

My favorite part of the fair has to be all the great food and seeing all the kids and animals. I like the food because there is some food that only comes out when the fair is around like funnel cakes and turkey legs. I like the animals because you know that the kids have worked hard to get the animal where its at and now they get to show everyone what they have done.

Cotton candy or funnel cakes?

Definitely funnel cakes I could eat them all day long. I love cotton candy but it seems like it takes more time to eat a funnel cake than a bag of cotton candy, and I like to enjoy my food, especially sweets.

What was the process to become fair queen?

It starts with months of preparation and hard work. Studying for questions and getting your horse tuned up just right takes time. When the contest comes, it is all in one day. First there is the interview where you get one-on-one time with the judges and talk about current events. Next is horsemanship where you perform a required pattern, a hot lap, and a freestyle pattern for the judges. Finally there is a speech, modeling, and an impromptu question.

Are you looking forward to representing Roosevelt County at the State Fair?

Yes, I am, it has been a goal of mine to compete for state fair queen ever since I was little, and what better way to do it than representing people that made me who I am today.

If you could have dinner with any three people living or dead, who would they be?

I would have dinner with George Strait, Luke Bryan and Sherry Cervi.

Do you have any secret talents or abilities?

One secret talent would be that I am pretty good at football. I can catch and throw a nice spiral. I can also work on my truck.

Which would be scarier to you and why; riding a bull or riding the world’s biggest roller coaster?

I would be more afraid to ride the bull. Only because I would know that the roller coaster wouldn’t fall down or step on me.

Who do you look up to?

I look up to my grandma. She is the most positive person I’ve ever met, in any situation. She always has something encouraging to say.

What are your future plans? (College, career)

My future plans are to attend college and get my degree in agriculture business.

How do you think being fair queen will benefit you in the future?

Being queen will help me in the future in so many ways. A few are improving my people skills, learning how to talk to people, and have them be comfortable around me. Another is speaking and knowing how to give a speech and it not be boring is a plus for anybody.

— Compiled by PNT staff writer Eric Norwood

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