Jumping at the opportunity

By Kevin Baird


While most people his age would rather play golf, 51-year-old Allen Scott prefers motocross.

“My thing is,” Scott said. “I want people to say, ‘that old guy is pretty fast.’”

8-17-Allen-Scott-2Scott, who is from Lubbock, raced in the pro-level heat Friday evening at the Curry County Fair’s Arenacross event. He finished last. Scott said he ran into another quad and then his quad stalled. He said, “The good thing is nobody got hurt.”

Scott said it isn’t a big deal though because the main event is Saturday evening. The Arenacross event at the Curry County Fair will feature ATV and dirtbike racers in the intermediate and pro-level competing for cash prizes.

“I didn’t jump anything,” Scott said about his pre-motocross days. “I was scared to death.” Scott said he started riding ATVs in the late 1980s, but six years ago he decided he needed a challenge so he started training for motocross. He said he had to work his way up from little jumps to big jumps. His son Winston Scott, 22, began training for motocross at that time, too.

Winston Scott says he is competitive but since he is on the same team as his father it is not a big deal who places ahead of the other.

Allen Scott’s number one rule is safety first. He is a firm believer that the best gear will provide the best protection.

“I’ve had a concussion and it hurts,” Allen Scott said. “My goal when I come out here is not to get hurt.”

Allen Scott says owning the AS Dent Shop in Lubbock, Texas for 30 years is what makes it possible to finance his motocross hobby.

“We work hard, this (motocross) is how we play hard,” Allen Scott said referring to himself and his son.

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