My Turn: In between drinks and dancing

I’m just warning readers now, this column is going to be a real brag because it is so rare that I get to do everything that I wanted to do when I go on vacation.

Now this doesn’t negate vacations that are spontaneous or don’t go as planned, because sometimes those turn out to be the best ones, but this vacation was so sweet without the toothache.

At Virginia Beach I ate copious amounts of seafood, just fresh, delicious seafood. From lobster burritos to fresh-caught crab, I just thank the Lord he blessed me and didn’t give me a shellfish allergy.

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

I saw Grace Potter and her nocturnals and they were 1,000 percent better in-person. She danced like a gypsy woman across the stage and got lost in two-minute guitar solos while keeping the crowd in a trance. I also experienced some amazing funky jazz compliments of New Orleans native Trombone Shorty.

I rode what has been suggested to be America’s best roller coasters at Busch Gardens and I spent hours at the beach just watching the waves crash and running from them. What a feeling to have sand in my toes again.

And in between the drinks and dancing, I was most happiest spending time with my mother. It’s so nice to enjoy her company as an adult. I wouldn’t have spent my vacation with anyone else.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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