My Turn: Movie marathon nets reviews

I did a movie marathon last weekend due to having zero ambition to do anything else. After four days with a house full of company, I think my boyfriend and I were ready for a quiet day.

We rented new releases and spent the entire day on the couch. The following are two of the movies and my thoughts on them.

  •  “Identity Thief”: A comedy with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy in which McCarthy’s character steals the identity of Sandy Patterson (Bateman).

It’s not a movie I would watch frequently but it was funny, and as always, McCarthy plays a quirky, off-the-wall character beautifully. It was definitely worth watching the first time around.

Alisa Boswell

Alisa Boswell

  • “Oblivion”: An action-drama with Tom Cruise that is based on post-apocalyptic Earth and entails Cruise’s character, Jack, being one of the few humans left behind to monitor and destroy the few aliens left from the war which ravaged the planet. The movie takes a twist and Jack finds out things are not the way they seem.

I’ve never cared much for Tom Cruise but overall, this was a good movie. The story line was intriguing and there’s plenty of action.

Neither are family films but would be good for after the children are in bed.

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