Respect other people when listening to your music

We all agree music is a great gift to the human race and shared music is one of our greatest pleasures; but some people attempt to warp those facts.

What I mean is not so much those people who go down the street with their radios (especially car radios) blaring at top volume, but those who insist on parking at the laundry, car wash etc., and have their radios blaring so that everyone can hear them whether we want to or not.

When you go out and tell them to turn them off, they often respond with vulgarity.

Now there is a city ordinance against this stuff but even if one calls the police there is little they can do. They either get there after the agony-mobile is gone or when they have finally turned it off. So it is your word against theirs.Letter-to-the-EditorSqare

Besides, ordinances will not work in any case.

Please tell the people to show some courtesy and consideration to others.

Some people are not so much offended by screaming music but it is physically discomforting. Sometimes it can be painful.

Please, if you must park, turn off the radio. You wouldn’t like someone to park outside your house and play screaming music so remember the old Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Sharon Faulkner

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