My Turn: Ernest back in school

Going back to school for the first time in two years was pretty awkward last week. If you’ve ever seen the movies “Billy Madison” or “Never Been Kissed,” then you’ll understand that in less exaggerated forms, school has changed since I was there. But that’s every year and even every semester.

I’m only taking one class to sharpen skills and to also feed my love for film, but even though I’m there for those reasons, there is the oddest desire to be the Christina I was back in college; The girl who always wore a dress the first day and made good with my professors. I’m about business and made some aspects of school that way. The others formed around how I acted socially with people, but this time I feel like the out-of-place, 28-year-old sophomore.

I had a relatively older non-traditional student in my history class in college. I firmly believe nothing should stop people from getting an education, but the older gentleman rubbed my classmates the wrong way when he tried to teach the class. I mean the guy literally grabbed the chalk from my professor to explain how things were at that time.

I just don’t want to come off as that older student who is overbearing. I want them to understand that while I’m not their age, the playing field is level despite my experience.

So here I am, Ernest goes back to school, but I’m getting my money’s worth.

 Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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