Property tax rates decrease 4 percent

By Eric Norwood Jr.
PNT staff writer

Residential property tax rates in Portales have dropped 4 percent from last year. Property taxes across the county dropped for everyone except for Floyd non-residential properties.

The Roosevelt County commissioners approved this year’s property tax rates on Tuesday at a special commissioners meeting.

The total assessed valuation for Roosevelt County was approximately $340 million. This is a $16 million increase from last year. In the past three years, the assessed valuation has risen by $51 million, according to County Assessor Kenner Carrasco.

The tax rates are stated in mills, which equal to dollars per thousand dollars assessed.

According to Carrasco, assessed value equals one-third of the property’s actual value, meaning a property that is worth at $150,000 would have an assessed value of $50,000.

The taxes go towards four entities — the state, the county, the city, and the school districts. Below is a chart comparing last year’s tax rates to this year’s rates.


   2012                                    2013

Portales inside, residential                                  26.280                               25.147

Portales inside, non-residential                         25.427                                24.630

Portales outside, residential                                23.100                              22.005

Portales outside, non-residential                       23.011                                22.182


Elida inside, residential                                        20.202                               16.199

Elida inside, non-residential                                20.520                              16.604

Elida outside, residential                                       18.458                              14.441

Elida outside, non-residential                               18.419                              14.630


Floyd inside, residential                                          16.901                              16.186

Floyd inside, non-residential                                 16.621                               16.899

Floyd outside, residential                                       14.668                               14.373

Floyd outside, non-residential                               14.623                              14.674


Dora inside, residential                                            19.517                              17.952

Dora inside, non-residential                                  20.106                             18.870

Dora outside, residential                                         17.933                              16.417

Dora outside, non-residential                                 17.881                             16.645


Causey, residential                                                    19.901                             18.095

Causey, non-residential                                            20.106                            18.870


Fairfield, residential                                                  19.959                            19.795

Fairfield, non-residential                                         19.903                           20.006


(9/53*) Next to Melrose, residential                      18.938                          18.459

(9/53*) Next to Melrose, non-residential             18.908                           18.735


(9A*) Next to Quay County, residential                  20.141                         18.465

(9A*) Next to Quay County, non-residential         20.051                         18.496


* The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department uses these codes to designate rural areas.

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