Set out water bird seed, they will come

By day, Grant Beauprez is a lesser prairie chicken biologist for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

But on evenings and weekends, and any time he is in the field or watching bird feeders sitting just outside his office window, Grant keeps

Betty Williamson

Betty Williamson

tabs on all sorts of feathered critters who live in or pass through Roosevelt County.

Since Jan. 1, he’s been doing a “big year” for Roosevelt County, an attempt to see and record more species of birds here than has ever been done in one 365-day period. The previous record, set last year by Collin Adams, was 170.

I had a recent email from Grant titled “172 and counting….” He related that a black and white warbler had given him the tie, and a pied-billed grebe and some solitary sandpipers (I love bird names) had bumped him past.

“Anytime I’m birding is a great time!” Grant says, and with more than three months go to, he’s on track for a long-lasting record. Astonishingly, 323 species of birds have been historically documented in Roosevelt County, Grant told me, out of the 527 recorded in New Mexico … and roughly 10,000 in the world.

Want to join in the fun? Set out some water and bird seed. You never know who might show up for the party.


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