Meetings Watch: — Portales City Council, Sept. 17

The following took place at the Portales City Council meeting Tuesday night at the Memorial Building:

• Portales Mayor Sharon King presented service awards to street department employees.

Randy Lee, an equipment operator for the department, was given a 20-year service award. Superintendent Jerry Rose was given a 25-year service award.

• U.S. 70 reconstruction project officials gave a report on the progress of the project.

Constructors Inc., Project Superintendent Wes Hancock said workers are trying to stay on schedule and hope to complete work in downtown Portales by Thanksgiving. Hancock said in about a week, workers will move traffic on Second Street from the inside lane to the outside lane. He added that recent rains have delayed workers, including the amount of time it takes to pump water from the construction site, but he said he understands the importance of moving quickly to get out of the downtown area.

• The council ratified the finance department’s bills for August in the amount of $1.6 million.

• The council awarded a sludge removal project bid to Smithco Construction in the amount of $360,693. The total amount budgeted for the project was $500,000.

• The council approved a resolution adopting the city’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.

• The council approved a resolution to increase the cost of building permit fees.

Currently fees are established by the size of the building in square feet multiplied by the estimated valuation. Currently the minimum permit fee is $35 for a building’s valuation up to $8,999. The fee to valuation ratio is approximately 0.019 percent.

The resolution establishes a 0.03 percent valuation to fee ratio for projects up to $1 million, and a 0.01 percent plus $3,000 for anything more than $1 million.

An example Planning Director Sammy Standefer made was using the cost of a current home permit. A $150,000 home permit fee is currently $280. The change would make the permit fee cost $450.

• The council approved a special use permit application from Billy and Karen Roach to operate a daycare center on the 500 block of West University Drive.

• The council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an agreement with the state’s Environment Department for water distribution system improvements.

The cost of the project is $151,000 and will be paid for with grant funding.

• The council approved Ordinance 706, which grants a franchise to Southwestern Public Service Company in Portales.

• The council approved a notice of intent for an ordinance that if passed, would prohibit the sale of synthetic marijuana in Portales. The public hearing for the ordinance is set for Oct. 15.


— Compiled by PNT senior writer Christina Calloway

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