McGee: Pets definitely have prankster sides

I got to thinking about pets the other day and how they have their own sense of humor.

I knew about dogs and how they like to play jokes on humans. For instance, long ago I had a pair of dogs who played a funny on me. I returned one evening to find the two, my Dalmatian and Siberian husky, had dragged my down comforter into the living room and ripped it open. There were feathers everywhere, including on the pups, while they sat smiling in the middle of it all. Dog humor.

I believe dog humor is all about display, cat humor is about hiding things.

“Let’s see if the human can find THIS,” is a common theme that runs through our house.

For instance I got a text message the other day from The Lady of the House.

“Do you have my keys?” it read.

I patted my pockets before I whipped out my thumbs to text back: “No.”

“CATS,” she typed back. “I hope they haven’t taken them to the elephant graveyard.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the family cats engaged us in merry fun looking for things around the house.

When we brought the Persian in from the animal shelter we noticed immediately that he was fascinated by all things associated with water, including the drain. He would spend much time pawing at the drain plug of the bathroom sink. You know the thing, push a lever at the faucet, it goes up and down.

One day the drain plug vanished. I looked under furniture, in trash cans, sifted through the litter box. Gone. It was high cat humor.

Sometime later the drain plug for the kitchen sink went missing. Once again I checked all over the house. Nothing.

A new text came in.

“Found keys under the recliner,” texted The Lady of the House.

“Any elephant bones nearby?” I texted back.


Grant McGee is a long-time broadcaster and former truck driver who rides bicycles and likes to talk about his many adventures on the road of life. Contact him at:

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