Report: More than one quarter of area adults uninsured

By Emily Crowe

CMI staff writer

More than one quarter of residents in Curry and Roosevelt counties are without health insurance, according to a Census Bureau report.

The federal agency released a report last month on county-level health insurance coverage for 2011.

More than 25 percent of working age adults 18 to 64 in Curry and Roosevelt counties are uninsured. For children under age 19, less than 10 percent of each counties’ population is uninsured.

While those numbers are somewhat high compared to the rest of the nation, New Mexico was one of the few states that saw no change in uninsured rates from 2008 to 2011.

Statewide, nearly 29 percent of New Mexicans ages 18 to 64 lack health insurance, and about 10 percent of children are uninsured.

The report shows that Los Alamos County has among the lowest uninsured rates in the nation, with estimates that 4.7 percent of the county’s population under 65 lacked health insurance in 2011. Only Norfolk County in Massachusetts had a lower uninsured rate — 3.1 percent.

McKinley County in northwestern New Mexico had the highest uninsured rate — 31.8 percent — among the state’s 33 counties.

An insured individual is defined as having insurance through an employer, insurance purchased directly from an insurance company, Medicare, TRICARE, Veterans Affairs or any kind of government-assistance plan for low income or disability.


— The Associated Press contributed to this story

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