Compromise foundation of country

A few things established by Republicans would include our National Parks, trust busting by Theodore Roosevelt, the Environmental Protection Act, the Clean Air Act and the Interstate highway system by Dwight Eisenhower.

Let’s fast forward to the present.

Loosening and ending controls on the financial industry, supported by both parties, enabled the financial disaster we are still recovering from. The majority of conservatives today still oppose government intervention in the “free market” despite the evidence this ideology gave us — the financial disaster.

The only free market is in political speeches. A part of the Republican party today does not believe in science or facts, but ideology only.

Proposals to protect consumers are opposed by conservatives. An example of this was The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Its purpose, like the name says, was to protect consumer interest. Republicans threatened to block anyone from heading the department until it was neutered.

Bitter opposition to The Affordable Health Care Act is an outstanding example of putting ideology over the welfare of the general populace.

The general populace is more inclusive than 1 percent.

Now they are threatening to shut down the government unless The Affordable Health Care Act is defunded and will then refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

That is like playing Russian roulette with an automatic. Anyone with this attitude does not belong in a position of responsibility.

Our country is great because of a two-party system and has been built on compromise by all concerned with the goal being what is best for the country as a whole.

Ignoring science and facts and resorting to blackmail to pursue an ideology is a dead-end street.


Leon Logan


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