Revamped Dexter, Portales set for rematch

By Dave Wagner CMI sports writer When Dexter visited Greyhound Stadium last fall to face the Portales Rams, both teams were relatively young. This time, both have more experience and are playing like it as they prepare for today’s 7 p.m. rematch at Dexter. Portales (4-0) comes in ranked third in Class 2A after […]

Events calendar — Sept. 27

Today Aerobics — 7:30 a.m., Portales Recreation Center. $5 per class, $25 per month or $75 for one year. Information: 356-8598. Step aerobics — 4 p.m., Portales Recreation Center. $5 per class, $25 per month or $75 for one year. Information: 356-8598. Fall Ball Dance — 7-10 p.m., Portales Recreation Center. Open to students in […]

Water main leak patched

PNT staff Water has been restored to multiple homes and businesses on the west side of Portales after a water main break on Wednesday night left residents with little or no water. Public Works Director John DeSha said every one from Avenue K to U.S. 70, including the industrial complex and Eastern New Mexico University, […]

My turn — Repetition aside, “Riddick” movie worth viewing

Alisa Boswell

I must confess that I was a little disappointed in the new Riddick movie, “Lost in the Darkness.” As always, the awesomeness that is Riddick was worth seeing. It was great to see him “kicking butt and taking names” and surviving as he always does. The problem is that the movie is close to being […]

Kinetic founder Kelsey Prince says group trying to give back to community


By Christina Calloway PNT senior writer Kelsey Prince’s hopes to make her city better, especially the parks she grew up playing in, turned out to be more than a pipe dream. The 19-year-old Portales native said she was hanging with her friends at the city’s skate park, bouncing ideas off one another on ways […]

State biologist says prairie chicken population likely will rebound with summer rain


By Christina Calloway PNT senior writer A lead biologist for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish said there is no cause for concern over a report released Tuesday that the lesser prairie chicken population dropped by 50 percent this year. Biologist Grant Beauprez said the decline is mostly tied to drought conditions […]

Airman enjoys laid-back feel of Portales


Editor’s note: This is the thirdmonthly series of profiles Portales transplants. By Eric Norwood Jr. PNT staff writer Senior Airman Nate Lunders chose Portales over Clovis when he was first stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. “I like the mentality here. It’s a little more relaxed than Clovis. It’s real laid back,” said Lunders, […]

Because of Jesus we have love

Joan Clayton

Imagine living in a world without love. I heard the story of a little boy who was asked to give some blood to save his sister’s life. He said “Yes,” with no hesitation. After the transfusion the doctor noticed tears in the little boy’s eyes. He asked the boy why he was crying. He replied, […]

Flag still resonates today

You have seen the bright yellow flags sporting the coiled rattlesnake, with “Don’t tread on me” boldly emblazoned across the bottom. But have you ever really thought about the phrase, and what it means? It doesn’t say, “Don’t offend me.” It doesn’t say, “Don’t refuse to give me what I feel I am owed.” It […]

Compromise foundation of country

A few things established by Republicans would include our National Parks, trust busting by Theodore Roosevelt, the Environmental Protection Act, the Clean Air Act and the Interstate highway system by Dwight Eisenhower. Let’s fast forward to the present. Loosening and ending controls on the financial industry, supported by both parties, enabled the financial disaster we […]