Letter to the Editor — Oct. 4

Washington makes great case for term limits

A question: Have we come to the point in our elected representative government to consider term limits?

I cannot be the only person within our community to think our government is broken. We no longer have men or women who want our country to do better, by overseeing the development and passage of common-sense laws.

We have fallen into a system where political bosses rightly or wrongly set a course and then hold on for dear life.

The entire concept of a Democracy is compromise and consensus. Who among us considers what is going on in our nation’s capital consensus building?

Consensus requires people to communicate; this does not mean speak at each other. They must listen to each other.

As we watch our federal government shut down and a possible larger fiscal crisis in the near future we must ask: Why are our elected national officials showing outright disrespect for our system of governance?

A common refrain among our so-called leaders is dead on arrival. Where’s the compromise? The consensus?

As an outsider, it seems, if I wear a blue or red jersey my ideas are suspect and without merit. As an outsider, a philosophical point of view is lacking on both sides.

When an idea is presented it will be dismissed due to the wrong color jersey.

Congress is no longer populated by individuals who can and will demonstrate independent thinking, which reflects on the best interests of our country. I think our representatives need to forget about their next election cycle and vote for what is best for our country.

I think we need to retire those who become enamored of their elected job and have lost the ability to do the will of their employers.


Eugene D. Lovato


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