Solution isn’t with red or blue; it’s with voters

Your choices — and you only get to choose one in this political climate — are:

• Big blue government

• Big red government

Their uniforms are different colors, but do not be fooled by the Democratic (blue) or Republican (red) spin coming from D.C. politicians these days.

Republicans scream loudly and correctly about the evils and unknown impacts of Obamacare, but conveniently don’t mention their last presidential candidate successfully passed essentially the same healthcare program on Massachusetts citizens when he was governor.

Democrats warn the sky will fall if we don’t raise the nation’s debt ceiling while continuing not to do much to rein in their reckless tax-and-spend philosophy of life that is a root cause of this latest fiscal “crisis.”

Don’t be afraid the world as we know it will end if neither side triumphs in the next few days. Government won’t really shut itself down. The gravy train is too lucrative for everyone involved in the fight.

In actuality, it is hard for Americans to know who we should cheer on to what is certain to be a hallow victory for the country. The unvarnished truth about the latest noise from Washington is that is just louder than usual.

Will the nation’s economy spiral out of control if GOP proponents don’t get their way? Many of the 11.3 million already unemployed around the country will tell you that has already happened.

Will the nation’s healthcare system leave us all sick and destitute if the Affordable Healthcare Act is implemented next year? We already hear healthcare nightmare stories nearly every day and many people are telling them from sad, painful, personal experience.

The truth is that the Republicans and the Democrats — whichever party wielded the power at the time — are responsible for the mess that’s obvious to anyone with a brain. The mess can simply be described: too much money going out, not enough money coming in.

Dems may be more responsible for spending increases the last few decades, but there is no evidence Republicans tried to dial it back when they’ve been in charge. Our fiscal state of affairs lays the blame at everyone’s feet.

What’s mostly important now is to accept that we can’t fix this mess overnight, but we must start now to walk in the direction of a healthier economy.

Too many of our bureaucratic and elected “representatives” have been sitting on the couch eating bags of chocolate chip cookies after every meal since World War II. Once in a while, with little success, the group out of power will try to inspire the others to get in shape again.

But diet and exercise don’t produce overnight successes. They take time. Most people in power now will never have enough self-control to make our country healthy again.

The solution rests with voters who must vote for individuals — not political parties — who understand that government’s role in our lives should be limited to needs, not wants, and that compromise is the way reasonable people solve disagreements.

Unsigned editorials are the opinion of the Clovis Media Inc. editorial board, which includes Publisher Ray Sullivan and Editor David Stevens.

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