Past wins shape today’s goals

Until we rest in a proudly built coffin, or preview through cremation in a proudly built furnace the fiery future that some think awaits me, most of us still have a few trifling dreams.

Mine have been downsized from being Benny Hinn’s treasurer to praying that Boston Market comes to the High Plains so I can get an actual veggie with my fast-food.

Since watching a PBS program about how Homo sapiens outlasted their beefier but not brainier Neanderthals by inventing better bone and stone weapons, I’ve wondered if our goals today exist primarily because of earlier achievements.

As mankind has progressed from sharpened sticks to slingshots to atomic bombs, no doubt every invention along the way was someone’s crowning achievement.

From the first wheeled cart to bring a scary, hairy dinner home, to the first masterpiece soot stick-figure on a cave wall, to the first scandalous, gene-propagating, two-piece fig-leaf bikini, our goals have been molded by ancestors achieving theirs.

Where would rock bands be without guitars and Spandex?

Where would bank robbers be without sunshades and wigs?

Where would law officers be without sirens and handcuffs?

Where would romance be without chocolate and handcuffs?

Where would televangelists be without TVs and holy hankies?

Where would actresses be without cameras and bustiers?

Where would lawyers be without hair gel and shoe polish?

Where would militias be without funny hats and Confederate flags?

Where would president-haters be without Facebook and Twitter to share their Christian “love?”

If your dreams are passing you by, take solace in knowing if ancestors had not been so ambitious, your dreams would not be so unattainably lofty.

Blame it on our ancestors that simply finding our next meal is no longer enough to satisfy — though a cheesy-squash casserole would help.


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