Judge to Plateau: Hand over police officer’s phone records

CMI staff

A District Court judge has ordered Plateau to hand over the cell phone records for a police officer a Clovis man says ran him off the road.

Judge Fred Van Soelen issued the order Friday at the request of Abby Parrish’s attorney, Dan Lindsey.

Parrish accused Clovis Police Officer Adriana Munoz of nearly hitting him and running him off the road Aug. 14 near Manana and Lore streets. Parrish said Munoz was talking on a cell phone and not paying attention to her driving.

In granting the order, Van Soelen narrowed the window of cell phone records from five hours sought by Lindsey to one hour before and one hour after the incident near Sandia Middle School.

Munoz has acknowledged she may have forced Parrish off the road but denied she was talking on a cell phone. She told internal investigators her windshield had fogged and she was attempting to clear it.

Parrish filed a civil lawsuit against Munoz on Aug. 30, demanding she be trained in defensive driving and that she pay his attorney’s fees.

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